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Mobile App. Overview.


When launching a mobile application, the user is asked to log in using the Yandex.Money account.

User profile is a client-cabinet, in which you can:

  • View balance information
  • Go to the list of past donations
  • Connect accounts of streaming platforms
  • Disable notifications

Donation history

The history displays sent donations with a detailed description:

  • Status
  • Response streamer(if exists)
  • Broadcasting data
  • Timecode appearance on stream

Support of streaming platforms

The application allows you to import data about subscriptions from the accounts of streaming platforms, to automatically display online broadcasts that support the sending of messages through the system.

Quick search with "Game-codes"

To search for broadcasts, you can use two tools: "Search" and «GameCode."

"GameCode" allows you to instantly switch to translation by scanning the QR code placed by the streamer in the description.

There is also a "standard" search for streamer nicknames or broadcast names.

Donate sending

Having found the user's required stream, a transition to the Donate screen takes place, where you can specify a nickname and send a text message or a voice message (if a streamer allows this type)